In Chalet private Movia wine cellar (Wine&Spirits – Top 100 wineries 2015)

In Chalet private Movia wine cellar (Wine&Spirits – Top 100 wineries 2015)

In Chalet Caprea there is private Movia wine cellar. (Wine&Spirits – Top 100 wineries 2015)

Wine Cellar in Chalet Caprea

Movia is more than a mere wine brand and the name of an estate on the borderland between Slovenia (ZGP Brda) and Italy (DOC Collio). Movia is a way of life, life in all its glory, purity of nature and sincerity of the author. Movia is a label beyond time, a mark of standards surpassed as sought by so many wine connoisseurs around the world. From gentle and light classics, through a range of mature wines with good ageing potential, to one-offs second to none other in the world. That and very much more is what Movia is about. And when you alight from the cellar and taste the wines with Aleš, you will taste magic! Of all of Slovenia´s winegrowing regions, the Goriška Brda have the highest per-hectare yield of medals and recognitions at wine fairs and expos both at home and overseas.


This land of low-lying, gently flowing hills in western Slovenia where the soil is primarily flysch. A Mediterranean climate with moderate summers and sufficient precipitation all make the Brda region ideal for the production of dry wine.The vicinity of Alpine peaks provides just the right amounts of cool air for higher levels of acids and aromatic substances to develop in the grapes compared to other Mediterranean regions. The Brda´s characteristic whites are gentle, balanced, fresh and vivacious; most age well. Reds of good vintages have a very strong color and a pronounced extract, developing into an elegant harmony and dsc_0392completeness of flavor and bouquet as the wines age.





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Golf Alpine style

Golf Alpine style

A stunning panorama and a pleasant atmosphere

Golf Alpine style – Have a great game on the 18-hole championship course in Bad Kleinkirchheim. For both beginners and experience, the Bad Kleinkirchheim Championship-Course is one of the most famous in Austria.

The spectacular 18-hole “Kaiserburg” championship course, laid out with great sensitivity by Don Harradine on sixty hectares in the narrow Bad Kleinkirchheim valley, offers everything a golfer could desire – a long, challenging, sporty course on a lush 6,006 metre track. Set out over a classic figure-eight loop, it offers wide fairways, quick greens and a great variety of holes.

As the highest altitude golf course in Carinthia, Bad Kleinkirchheim boasts a pleasant climate even in the hot summer months.